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Terms of Use of Site

(Last Update ---- #1 Jun 2008)

Please read carefully the general terms of use set out below ("Terms of Use") before consulting the site ("the "Site") edited by the Milk Capital SAS company ("Milk Capital"):

Article 1 - Personal Data

Milk Capital complies with the notification formalities regarding all its data processing activities, pursuant to Law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and liberties.

The processes relating to the use of this Site are implemented by Milk Capital for information only or to communicate with outside resources for the purposes of its activity, and not for commercial solicitation. As such, the data is retained for a duration which does not exceed that which is required for the purposes of this site, and is updated annually.

Milk Capital collects and automatically processes the electronic communications originating from the visitors of the Site as well as the personal connection information.

The processing of electronic communications enables access and use of the Site features (ex: sending of business plan, C.V.). This data is obtained through the voluntary registration of the Site visitors. The Site visitors are not required to communicate such data to access or consult the Site. Inasmuch as they choose to freely communicate such data to Milk Capital, they expressly agree that they be processed in accordance with the present Terms of Use.

The processing of personal connection information enables the measuring of the Site audience and the improvement of its content. This data is not used by Milk Capital on an individual basis. Rather, statistical data is gathered on an aggregate basis, so as to measure the pages visited, the preferred paths, the level of activity on a daily and weekly basis and on the basis of the hours of the day, as well as the main customer and server errors, etc.

Note that the confidentiality of the correspondence exchanged through the Internet is not guaranteed. As such the Site visitors are solely responsible for the content of their correspondence.

Connection to the Site has the effect of sending onto the navigator a certain amount of "cookies" that are stored onto the hard disk of the computer. It is possible to modify the navigator so as to reject programs and software that are designed to gather data. This operation will not prevent connection onto the Site but may generate difficulties in downloading pages.

Article 2 - Intellectual Property

The Site, its items and content, including the names thereof, are the exclusive property of Milk Capital. Access and use of the Site confer no rights over the Site. Reproduction, placing, distribution, display, communication, modification, translation, adaptation, publication and or use of the site or any of its items or content whatsoever, without the prior written authorization of Milk Capital, is prohibited.

Moreover, display, reproduction, distribution, extraction and or re-utilization, whether in part or in whole, of any databases that may be accessed through the Site is expressly prohibited under the provisions of Law n° 98-536 of July 1st 1998 concerning the legal protection of databases.

Any person not complying with applicable legal provisions shall be liable for infringement and subject to all criminal penalties provided for under applicable law.

Article 3 - Hyper-links

Milk Capital authorizes the placing of links which connect onto the Site, except for sites distributing information of an illicit, polemical, violent, pornographic, and/or xenophobic nature or that may, to a large measure, hurt the sensitivities of a majority of people, under the following conditions:

- The link must connect onto the homepage of the Site, and

- the Site must appear in a new window screen, and

- the pages of the Site or any of its items or contents whatsoever, must in no case be inserted into the pages of another site. In particular, direct or deep links, insertion or framing procedures and/or any other similar link or process are prohibited.

In any case, Milk Capital retains the right to request deletion of a link if it considers that the target site does not comply with the above defined rules.

The links present on the Site which connect onto other sites or any other existing internet resource shall not give rise to the liability of Milk Capital concerning the links which they contain, or for changes or updates thereto, unless it is established that Milk Capital failed to remove the link to pages which have an illicit nature and of which it had effective knowledge.

Milk Capital shall in no case be responsible for the terms and conditions of other sites or external resources, and namely concerning protection of personal data.

Article 4 - Responsibility

Milk Capital makes every effort to offer visitors to the Site information which is reliable and verified. However, despite such efforts, the Site may contain inaccuracies, update failures or mistakes. All visitors to the Site may inform us of potential omissions, mistakes or corrections through our contact page.

Milk Capital shall not be responsible for any interpretation or use of information published on the Site.

Information published on the Site shall be considered in no case as an encouragement by Milk Capital to invest, conclude or advise a transaction. No professional advice shall be considered as having been given by Milk Capital on the Site.